Dog owners in Whalley and Billington warned of police crackdown

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IRRESPONSIBLE dog owners in two Ribble Valley villages are being warned to clean up after their pets or face being fined.

The warning comes from PCSO Matt Thornton after an increase in complaints of dog fouling in Billington and Whalley.

Letters have been sent to residents raising awareness of the problem and police will be carrying out high visibility patrols to catch the culprits.

PCSO Thornton said: “I have received a number of complaints with regards to dog fouling in and round the Longworth Road area of Billington, including the path that runs across to Broad Lane, Whalley.

“I appreciate the vast majority of dog owners are responsible and clean up after their pets, however, there is a minority who do not.

“Over the next few weeks officers will be patrolling these areas in high-visible uniform and plain clothes. Please be warned on-the-spot fines of £50 will be issued to dog owner failing to remove dog faeces. The maximum fine is £1,000.”

He added: “We all have a responsibility to keep our communities clean and tidy.”

Anyone wishing to discuss this matter further with PCSO Thornton is asked to call Whalley Police on 01200 458766 and leave a voicemail.