Dad painted ‘slag’ on partner’s car and let down tyres after row

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A 32-YEAR-OLD man who stormed out of the family home after slapping his wife during a row daubed the word “slag” in paint on her car and let down all the tyres.

Blackburn magistrates heard that Peter Hayhurst then smashed all the windows of the car, causing a total of £1,000-worth of damage.

The court was told Sarah Capello responded by taking a broom and attacking his van, smashing the windscreen. He got out of the van and punched her in the face before driving off.

Hayhurst, of Hodder Bridge Court, Chipping Road, Chaigley, pleaded guilty to assaulting Sarah Capello, damaging her car, driving with excess alcohol, without insurance and other than in accordance with a licence.

He was remanded on bail for the preparation of a pre-sentence report with a warning that all options, including custody, would be open to the sentencing magistrates.

Miss Catherine Allan (prosecuting) said much of the protracted incident was witnessed by the couple’s 14-year-old daughter.

Mr Michael Blacklidge (defending) said the couple had argued after he had been drinking at a family birthday party.

“Rather than continue the argument he left the house and went to sleep in his van,” said Mr Blacklidge.

“They continued the argument by text message and when he got home he got his things to leave. There was considerable emotion in the house and he accepts that as he left he damaged the car windows.”