Couple face animal cruelty charges

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A Slaidburn couple are facing multiple animal cruelty charges after seven dead horses were discovered on their land.

The charges against Rachelle Peel (55) and Stephen Peel(59), of Brookhouse Green Farm, Dale Head, Slaidburn, also involved dogs, six sheep and five cattle.

The RSPCA have brought charges relating to 31 live horses and seven dead animals. They include causing unnecessary suffering through not addressing hoof care and maintenance problems, body condition and weight loss, rain scald and mud fever and lice infection and failing to provide their needs for a suitable environment.

The pair also face two allegations of housing live animals next to dead horses. The dog allegations relate to three border collies, four red setters, a Gordon setter and six Jack Russell Daschund-type crosses.

The case was adjourned until June 2nd when legal submissions will be made to a District Judge.