Clitheroe pub goers step in to stop drink driver

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DRINKERS at a Clitheroe pub intervened when they saw a woman stagger past and then get into the driver’s seat of a nearby car.

Blackburn magistrates heard they remonstrated with Andrea Duxbury, and eventually persuaded her to take a taxi home.

But five minutes later, she staggered back to the car and this time one of them took her keys and called the police.

Duxbury (52), of Sapphire Street, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to failing to provide a specimen of breath for analysis.

She was banned from driving for 20 months and fined £150 with £100 in costs.

Claire Grant (prosecuting) said all the people sat outside the New Inn, on Parsons Lane, took notice when Duxbury staggered past clearly drunk. When she got to a parked car, she put her hands on the bonnet and walked herself round to the driver’s door.

When they realised she was going to attempt to drive, a number ran over to her.

When Duxbury asked what it had to do with them, one of the witnesses replied: “I have got a conscience and it doesn’t allow you to drive off.”

When the police arrived, Duxbury gave a roadside reading of 87 against the legal level of 35, but then failed to give a proper sample at the police station.

Clare Knight (defending) said Duxbury was very upset by the proceedings.

She did provide two samples, but there wasn’t enough volume for them to register properly,” said Miss Knight.