Clitheroe man’s tooth kicked out in late-night attack

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A Clitheroe man had a tooth kicked out when he was attacked by two men as he made his way home after a night out.

Blackburn magistrates heard the victim’s friend was also assaulted and a female who was with them was assaulted when she retaliated using her shoe.

Steven Lyness (20), of Cornelian Street, Blackburn, and Damien Southworth (19), of Whalley New Road, Blackburn, admitted assaulting Liam Crooks causing him actual bodily harm and assaulting Michael Clarke. Southworth also admitted assaulting Nicola Fairhurst. They were both sent to Preston Crown Court to be sentenced.

Miss Catherine Allan (prosecuting) said Mr Crooks was walking home with Mr Clarke, Miss Fairhurst and another female after a night out in Clitheroe town centre. They were approached by the defendants, who they had never seen before.

“The aggrieved had the feeling they were looking for trouble,” said Miss Allan. She said one of the defendants became abusive about the females and Mr Crooks and Mr Clarke accepted they were becoming a “bit wound up”.

“Out of the blue Mr Crooks was punched in the face and fell to the floor,” said Miss Allan. “While he was there he was kicked in the face. Mr Clarke went to assist his friend and grabbed one of the males and pinned him against a wall. He was then hit from behind by the other man.”

Miss Fairhurst went to help and was hitting one of the attackers with her shoe when she was pushed.

Mr Andrew Church-Taylor (defending) said it had not been a pre-meditated attack. His clients had gone to Clitheroe for a night out but had been left by their friends and had no money to get home. He said initially his clients had been hoping to get an invite to a party but a fight started.