Clitheroe man (21) in court after ‘rampage’


A 21-year-old Clitheroe man kicked in a car windscreen in a “random” attack because his mum wanted him to go home early.

Blackburn magistrates heard the totally innocent victim was left without her car and having to make an insurance claim.

Nicholas Mark Wright, of Kiln Close, Clitheroe, pleaded guilty to damaging a car windscreen belonging to Katie Cowburn. He was made subject to community supervision for six months with an alcohol treatment requirement, fined £40 and ordered to pay £420 compensation and £100 costs.

Miss Catherine Allan (prosecuting) said Miss Cowburn had left her car parked outside her home and was at a friend’s house when she was told someone had gone on a “rampage.”

“This kind of indiscriminant damage causes great inconvenience to members of the public,” said Miss Allan. “When he was interviewed the defendant told police he wanted to stay out and was angry with his mother for wanting to take him home.”

Mrs Colleen Dickinson-Jones (defending) said her client’s mother had come to court to support him.

“Drugs have been part of his life since a young age, but hopefully with the help he is getting and is going to get he can put this behind him,” said Mrs Dickinson-Jones.