Camera crackdown on no-belt drivers

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Drivers who use a mobile phone at the wheel or fail to wear a seat belt face being caught in a new crackdown in Lancashire.

Mobile camera technicians, as well as detecting speeding offences, are now able to detect these other offences while they are carrying out their enforcement activity.

Where eligible, motorists using their phone will be offered the opportunity to attend the national “What’s Driving Us?” course.

Those not wearing a seat belt may be offered the national online seat belt course.

Both courses are an alternative to prosecution.

Lancashire Assistant Chief Constable Tim Jacques, said: “Sadly we see too many drivers illegally using their mobile phones for calls or even worse texting when they are driving. This is threatening and costing lives.

“Our aim is to change the behaviour of those who illegally use a phone or don’t wear a seat belt.

“From January 1st to the end of June, 22 people were killed on Lancashire’s roads, 377 were seriously injured and over 2,000 people received less serious injuries. We want to make our roads safer by working together.”

John Fillis, County Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, added: “We’re continuing to work hard to make Lancashire’s roads safer, but we also rely on drivers playing their part by behaving responsibly, whether that’s by wearing a seat belt or by not allowing themselves to become distracted by a mobile phone.”