Banned from begging in Ribble Valley

Daniel Nelson
Daniel Nelson
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A 30-year-old Nelson man banned under an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (Asbo) from begging in Pendle turned up in Clitheroe to ply his “trade”.

And his actions earned him another Asbo which bans him from begging in the Ribble Valley.

Blackburn magistrates heard that Daniel Robert Nelson (pictured) was warned by police and told to go home. But as he made his way to the bus station Nelson asked other people for money and was arrested.

Nelson, of Lonsdale Street, Nelson, pleaded guilty to begging in a public place. He was fined £35 with £20 costs, which was set against the night he had spent in custody. He was made subject to an Asbo for two years.

Miss Catherine Allan (prosecuting) said Nelson had come to the attention of magistrates in Burnley because of the persistent nuisance of his begging.

“He was made subject to an Asbo which bans him from begging anywhere in the Borough of Pendle,” said Miss Allan. “All he has done is move himself to Clitheroe and continue with his behaviour.”

Nelson came to the attention of police in Clitheroe when begging close to Sainsburys. He was moved on and told to go back to Nelson but continued to beg on his way to the bus station.

Mr Simon Farnsworth (defending) said after police spoke to Nelson he was heading in the right direction. “Unfortunately he didn’t have enough money for the bus fare and his solution was to beg on the street,” said Mr Farnsworth.