Councillor demands answers over repeated burst water mains

Billington councillor Ged Mirfin is demanding answers
Billington councillor Ged Mirfin is demanding answers
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A fed-up Billington councillor is calling for an urgent investigation after three burst water pipes in the village in recent weeks.

"Enough is enough," said Coun. Ged Mirfin, after residents in Billington were left without water for hours. "There have been three similar incidents so far in the past few months.

"It cannot be a coincidence that three bursts have taken place within such a short space of time of each other? I have talked to a number of people in authority and a number of engineers and it appears that the amount of new builds taking place in the Ribble Valley is placing pressure on an old and what appears to be a crumbling underground water supply pipework infrastructure.

"That and the dramatic increase in traffic on Ribble Valley roads is causing major problems with respect to the underground pipework. Also so much of the pipework is quite seriously old."

He added: "I have submitted a Freedom of Information request to United Utilities, which I hope will show if there has been an increase in the number of major incidents where water supply has been effected over the last couple of years possibly due to new housing. In the meantime, I am calling for a much more continuous and regular dialogue to take place between United Utilities and Ribble Valley Borough Council."