Council tax and rates relief for flood-hit properties

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Ribble Valley households and businesses directly affected by flooding in recent weeks will receive 100 per cent relief from council tax or business rates for a minimum of three months.

And anyone living in temporary accommodation as a result of their main property being flooded may also be entitled to council tax relief in the temporary accommodation.

The council tax relief will automatically be applied for three months to properties that were flooded or unliveable due to the flooding. The relief may be available for up to 12 months for properties that remain unoccupied due to flood damage and is not available on second homes.

Business rates relief is also available for businesses affected by flooding as a result of Storms Desmond or Eva.

Businesses that were flooded will receive 100 per cent business rates relief for a minimum of three months, or until the business re-starts trading, up to a maximum of 12 months.

Business rates relief is not automatic and must be applied for.

Further details and application forms, and information about other financial assistance for properties and businesses affected by flooding, are available from Ribble Valley Borough Council on 01200 425111 or at