Council declares war on dog fouling

Leader of the borough council, Ken Hind, is trying his best to tackle the issue
Leader of the borough council, Ken Hind, is trying his best to tackle the issue
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War has been declared on irresponsible dog owners who don’t clean up after their pets.

And those who leave poo bags littering the streets are also being targeted.

The move comes after a horrified Clitheroe woman picked up 71 bags of dog mess on a walk.

Now, the council is looking at proposals to kit-out dog wardens with body cameras in a bid to catch the culprits who are blighting the borough with dog dirt.

Public-spirited Amanda Townsend (46), cleared away the dog excrement after she discovered the shocking haul on her walk along Four Lane Ends. The path is popular with dog walkers, runners and bikers, and is frequently used by many local families with young children.

The outraged dog walker has appealed for other dog owners to act responsibly and clear-up after their pets.

She said: “I can’t understand why anyone with a dog would not clean up after it. It’s a disgrace.

“If you have a dog you have to clean up after it, it’s that simple. Do the right thing, pick it, tie it, bin it. Simple.”

Meanwhile, Billington councillor Ged Mirfin said he found 28 incidents of dog fouling in one day in the village.

He has threatened ­careless owners with retribution. He said: “Local residents object to Billington disappearing under a sea of excrement.

“What I find really reprehensible is that some owners waited until the dog van had left to let their animals defecate on the pavement.

“One of the actions we could consider is to take their dog away from them. If people have their dogs taken off them where would they go?”

He added: “I am proposing a number of initiatives to crackdown on this problem including additional high visibility dog bins, the introduction of DNA testing kits to make it easier to identify offenders from the poo they leave behind and a greater emphasis on prosecution to act as a deterrent going forward.”

Ribble Valley Borough Council receives over 200 complaints about dog-fouling and spends £30,000 disposing of it each year.

The council has introduced a raft of measures to help tackle the problem, from on-the-spot fines to warning signs and from night patrols to school visits.

Leader of the borough council, Coun. Ken Hind, said: “Dog fouling is the subject of constant complaints from the borough’s residents and we are committed to taking action.

“As a council, we are looking at a number of proposals including a possible trial where dog wardens are kitted out with body cameras to catch the culprits and more bins in the borough for pet owners to dispose of the mess.

“I am a dog walker and I am satisfied that the vast majority of dog owners are responsible, its only a very small minority who don’t care and are blighting the borough. I would urge the responsible dog walkers to support us by giving a bag to those who are walking their dogs without a bag to get rid of the dog dirt.

“We need residents to be our eyes and ears and help us tackle this problem by reporting the careless dog owners to 01200 425111.”