Constitutional crisis looms on Brexit

Britain needs strong leadership. Is Boris Johnson that man?
Britain needs strong leadership. Is Boris Johnson that man?
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The road to Brexit is a stormy one and is generating a constitutional crisis fears Ken Hind, Ribble Valley councillor and Remain campaigner.

The also former Conservative Ribble Valley MP claims 2,871,070 people, including about 40,000 Lancashire voters, have signed a petition over a 48-hour period calling for a second referendum on EU members 3017 are in the the Ribble Valley.

He said: “Only 37.4% of British people voted to leave the EU with the majority 62.6 % voting against or not participating at all. The consequences are dawning on the impact of such a relative small majority on such a crucial decision. People who voted leave are having second thoughts as are angry people who voted to Remain, all fearful of the damage to the economy which is already emerging. This has led to a petition on the Parliamentary website calling for debate on the motion for a second referendum. This will have to take place as it exceeds by large numbers the 100,000 required. It is viral on the internet and unprecedented as it grows by 50,000 signatures an hour.”