Constituency proposals make no sense at all

What a load of tosh and what a waste of taxpayers money
What a load of tosh and what a waste of taxpayers money
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A ballot box carve up (or should that read cock up?) of East Lancashire’s parliamentary constituency seats has led to a lot of head scratching this week.

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The proposals involve merging most of Burnley with Brierfield and Nelson, slicing off the majority of Padiham and moving it into Hyndburn and carving up the remainder of Pendle in a non-sensical geographical scatter-gun effect that would see the Eastern extremities becoming part of a new constituency with Clitheroe and Bamber Bridge.

What a load of tosh and what a waste of taxpayers’ money. I fully understand that some re-alignments may be needed if we go along the MP number reduction route, but these aforementioned proposals smack of being put together by some Whitehall mandarin who does not know his Padiham or Pendle from his elbow.

These plans have so far survived a barrage of cross-party criticism and public protest during two earlier consultation stages.

But still they remain in place as we head into the final consultation round.

Quite how the plans have made it this far is totally beyond me and I fear that all this change could be rail-roaded through on the nod of some southern-based boundary review commission.

Heaven help us.