Comic quartet raise cash for charity

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A FOUR-STRONG team of men from the Ribble Valley area have returned from a car rally with £1,350 for charity.

Ian Gee (46), Alex Rawcliffe (19), Phil Davies (49) and his 20-year-old nephew, Oliver Davies raised the cash for Macmillan Cancer Support by taking part in the Home2Rome rally – a 3,000-mile car journey across Europe.

Phil, a salesman, and Ian, landlord of The Stork Hotel, Simonstone, are dressing up as Oliver Hardy (whose catch phrase was “That’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into!”) from the famous comedy duo Laurel and Hardy throughout the ride.

Meanwhile, Alex, a chef, and Oliver, described as a “wood butcher and fence constructor”, replicated the look of Stan Laurel.

The team travelled in a 16-year-old Ford Granada with a six cylinder petrol engine.

“It was bought from Clitheroe’s car boot sale for the paltry sum of £250. Ian and his friends changed the oil and filters.”

Returning from the trip, Ian said: “The car performed superbly with no faults although she did like to drink petrol, (a bit like the occupants!)

“We managed to raise £1,350 for Macmillan and we won the Best Dressed Team Award.”

The route started at Calais and passed through places such as Paris, Monte Carlo, the Italian Alps before finally finishing in Rome.

Along the way there were tasks set by the organisers –ones that were not always driving related – at most stop-off destinations.

• If anyone wishes to continue supporting the team, they can do so by visiting The Stork Hotel, Simonstone, where sponsorship forms are available.