Clitheroe Youth Forum wins £3,000 in public vote

Mel Diack (left) and the youngsters from Clitheroe Youth Forum
Mel Diack (left) and the youngsters from Clitheroe Youth Forum

Youngsters at Clitheroe Youth Forum could be dipping their toes into new waters after receiving a significant cash boost.

The voluntary organisation has been awarded £3,000 by Lloyds Bank Community Fund after scooping up the East Lancashire public’s support in a public vote.

With a membership of 140, Clitheroe Youth Forum serves to engage children from all backgrounds in positive activities throughout the area.

The grant will help fund opportunities such as sailing, rock climbing, skiing and mechanics well into 2014, and chairman Mel Diack MBE is certain the news will go down well with the kids.

“It’s wonderful to receive the grant,” he said. “Thanks to Lloyds for the opportunity for young people to have a go at different things. We specifically help young people from age 10 to 16, and they are looking forward to taking part in more experiences.

“The idea of all this is it gives young people an introduction to loads of activities and hopefully some of those will strike the right chord and they can take it up as a hobby.

“It’s amazing... you’ll find some who hate the idea of sailing yet will take it like a duck to water, and then others who like the idea of rock climbing will freeze when they get there. But it gives them all more confidence when they find an interest, especially for those who have learning difficulties it can make a big difference.”

Now in its second year, the Lloyds Bank Community Fund is giving grants to 1,332 community groups in 333 communities throughout England and Wales.

Four good causes in each community were nominated by bank staff, with customers and the public asked to vote for the groups they would most like to support.

Clitheroe Youth Forum were up against Pendle Ski Club, OJ’s Sensory Trust and Three Valley’s Gospel Choir in East Lancashire’s poll, with Clitheroe Youth Forum and Pendle Ski Club getting the most votes and each receiving £3,000, while the other two were each handed £300 for their projects.

Mel (60) only has six volunteers to help him run his organisation and says that receiving the community’s vote makes the much-needed grant all the sweeter.

“It’s invaluable for organisations such as us, even more so as it’s harder to find support from normal sources at the moment,” he added.

“And to receive the community support is wonderful, we have done quite a bit in the community and it’s nice they have come back to thank us by voting.”

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