Clitheroe Tesco help tots try new foods

Pre-schoolers learn all about new exotic fruits. (s)
Pre-schoolers learn all about new exotic fruits. (s)
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Every mum’s mantra to their children to “try new foods” was acted out by pre-schoolers during a recent trip to a Clitheroe supermarket.

The youngsters from Bowland Montessori Pre-school enjoyed a trip to a Clitheroe’s Tesco supermarket to learn more about African fruit and citrus fruit.

They were shown a range of fruit by the store’s community support colleague, Nadine, who encouraged the children to each choose a piece of fruit to taste on their return to pre-school. She also offered to supply oranges for making marmalade at pre-school.

When they left, the children thanked their host for her time and hospitality.