Clitheroe teen’s amazing weight loss transformation

Beth Ferguson after her weight loss
Beth Ferguson after her weight loss

A teenager from Clitheroe who had the “worst year of her life” in 2018 has regained her confidence after losing an impressive three stones in just six months.

Beth Ferguson (19), who is studying graphic art and design at Leeds Beckett University, suffered from an illness and a relationship breakdown.

Beth Ferguson before

Beth Ferguson before

She lost all confidence and self-esteem, and began to neglect her health and her appearance.

It wasn’t until wise words from her mum that Beth decided to join a Weight Watchers plan in Clitheroe and transform herself. Once she started losing the weight and getting healthier, her care in her appearance returned. She said: “I gradually became a better version of myself as my physical and mental health has never been better.”

“I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been and once I started feeling healthier I started taking more care with my appearance, hygiene and basically over the six months became the best version of myself. Doing the plan has genuinely made me a better person, as now I have this incentive to be the best version of myself in every aspect!”

With high praise for the support systems both digital and in the workshop, Beth reached her goal of 8st 7lbs in December and is looking and feeling amazing!

Her transformation is clear for all to see and her shift in mindset is an inspiration as she shares the impact joining WW has made to her saying: “I have so much more energy, confidence and self-esteem and I’ve never felt this comfortable in my body. A friend told me the other day that I’ve become a brighter happier version of myself and she’s never seen me in a better place.”

WW Wellness Coach, Emma Tye, said: “I’m so proud of Beth she has completely changed her life around.

“From when I first met Beth to now, it’s like being in the company of a different person.

“She is so much more confident and always smiling.”

She added: “Beth has worked so hard at being a better version of herself and has absolutely smashed it.”