Clitheroe school kids clean-up crusade

Morgan and Lucas with bags filled of rubbish
Morgan and Lucas with bags filled of rubbish
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While most eight-year-olds are out playing with friends over the weekends, one considerate Clitheroe schoolgirl decided to take it upon herself to clear a local brook of litter.

Armed with litter pickers, eco-minded Morgan Mae Boyer, who attends Brookside Primary School, Clitheroe, and her friend, Lucas Harbord, from St Michael and St John’s Primary School, filled two black bin bags of rubbish, plus a sandbag and shovel that they found in the stream off Taylor Street.

Concerned for her environment, Morgan stands to make a change and keep the ducklings safe by picking up rubbish dumped in the water.

Her proud father, Oliver, said: “My daughter is wanting to make the public aware of the wildlife that lives there and the effect that litter can have on it.
“She wants to get as much litter out each weekend as she can.
“As a father it’s great to see my daughter so passionate and enthusiastic about her local wildlife and environment. I have been down to the brook one week later and unfortunately it’s in the same state with litter which is disappointing after all the hard work of both kids.”
He added: “Morgan is going to be cleaning the brook every weekend. She has a map and wants to clean different areas each week.
“She is worried that the litter will get into the sea and harm other wildlife. It’s mainly just ducks in the brook, but we see a lot of birds there as well.”