Clitheroe firm helps in renovation of Durham Cathedral

Glass lift at durham Cathedral installed by Clitheroe firm Axess 2
Glass lift at durham Cathedral installed by Clitheroe firm Axess 2
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A Clitheroe company has been involved in the renovation of Britain’s oldest cathedral.

Lift installation experts Axess 2, based at the Link 59 business park in Deanfield Drive, were called on to create a bespoke elevator to enable access to the late 14th century monks’ dormitory inside the grade one listed building.

This will now allow the public to gain access to the rooms and see for the first time in many years the collection of Anglo Saxon stones, crosses and a reconstructed monk’s cubicle.

So that the lift was not intrusive looking and out of place in the historic building it had to be almost invisible.

Durham Cathedral is the oldest surviving building with a stone vaulted ceiling of such a large scale. This style of architecture later paved the way for a popular style of European architecture. The cathedral has been in continuous use since its original construction 900 years ago.

Since then it has welcomed the addition of two chapels and a central tower.

Marketing manager at Axess 2 Nathan Massey said: “The best part about the project at Durham Cathedral was the opportunity to work on a landmark building, to help the general public explore the building and be a part of the Cathedral’s most recent history.”