Clash of two heavy-weight local wintry beers

This month I'm reviewing two dark ales
This month I'm reviewing two dark ales
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Well, the dark nights are drawing in, and real ale drinking habits are certainly moving over to the “dark side”.

It’s at this time of year we witness a selection of porters and stouts gathering pace. And I thought it would be appropriate to have a head-to-head with two of the latest dark, local ales.

First beverage up, is Moorhouse’s Pendle Porter. This is a robust,flavoursome and well balanced 5% beer. It has a tight, off-white head, with a light malty aroma. Caramel sweet, chocolate malt and subtle roasted flavours. A soft, mild carbonation - as you would expect in a porter. A light bitter taste is consistent throughout. And it leaves a pleasant roasty and mild bitter hopped finish on the palate.

The second contender in this dark ale joust, is Worsthorne Brewery Blackthorne Stout.

I have to say this has the wow factor. A pitch black, full flavoured delight. You get a good liquorice hit with this 4.9% slurp. A creamy beige head, the stout is also rich, a tad sweet, with a hint of chocolate malt. However, it’s the long roasted/burnt, dry hopped finish that gives this stout my wow factor rating. It’s an exceptional stout.

Verdict: Two exceptional brews. But the Worsthorne Blackthorne Stout prevails. It simply ticked all the boxes - the full monty!

Brewing excellence from this local microbrewery. Mick Whittaker, take a bow.

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