Church forges links with Kenya in twinning partnership project

Mark and Julie Dyer meet members of the King's Highway Church in Kenya who St James in Clitheroe is twinned with (s)
Mark and Julie Dyer meet members of the King's Highway Church in Kenya who St James in Clitheroe is twinned with (s)
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A partnership has been forged between Clitheroe and a major city in Kenya.

St James Church has formally twinned with King’s Highway Church in Eldoret, Western Kenya. The link was made after Mark and Julia Dyer, who are members of St James Church, flew out to visit the congregation at King’s Highway Church and witness some of the work they do.

The couple were invited by France Ranogwa, superintendant of the Assemblies of Christ Evangelical Holiness Church. With a congregation of around 200 the community served by the King’s Highway Church is largely poor and unemployed people. The church is led by Pastor Henry Wedende who conducts services in English and Swahili. Despite limited material resources and access to training the church is vibrant and growin.

Describing the visit as a “profound experience personally’’ Mark said: “While we were there the idea was discussed of developing a twinning relationship between the two churches.

“We already have links to Eldoret with Open Arms International and the Solomon Project but not an ongoing relationship with a nationally led church.

“St James could learn much from the King’s Highway Church about thankfulness, joy, worship and passion, perseverance through hardship, faith and commitment, sacrifice and radical generosity.

“As a church we could learn by building on going relationships with the church in general but also with individualos within the church to get to know them personally, to pray for them and for us.’’

An annual visit to Eldoret is also being planned and the first one is set to take place in August.

Eldoret is the capital and largest city in Uasin Gishu County and is also the fastest growing town in Kenya. It is also the second largest urban centre in midwestern Kenya after Nakuru and the fifth largest urban centre in Kenya.

Mark added: “St James Church could give to the King’s Highway Chruch an ongoing relationship as we share our lives as individuals and a church. They would welcome the sharing of our experiences and the teaching and training that we have benefitted from.’’