Changes to Council Tax Benefit

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People in Ribble Valley who receive Council Tax Benefit are being advised of changes to the help they will receive in paying their Council Tax from April 1st.

All working age people currently receiving Council Tax Benefit are likely to see changes to the amount they receive under new local schemes being prepared by councils across the country.

It follows the Government’s 2010 Spending Review, when it was announced that support for Council Tax would be localised from April 2013.

This means that Council Tax Benefit will be replaced by new local support schemes and, with the amount of funding provided to local authorities to run the new schemes at least 10% less, some claimants will have to pay a share of their Council Tax for the first time.

Ribble Valley Borough Council has approved a Council Tax support scheme following widespread consultation, which revealed substantial backing for a 12% reduction in Council Tax Benefit for all claimants of working age, while protecting pensioners.

The council has taken advantage of additional Government funding to limit the reduction to 8.5% for the first year.

The majority of claimants will be no more than £100 per year worse off as a result of the changes and those affected will shortly receive letters outlining the change.

Further details are available from Ribble Valley Borough Council on 01200 425111.