Celebrations of 400th anniversary of King James Bible in Ribchester

Anniversary - This year, the Church of England is celebrating the 400th anniversary of the publication of the King James Bible, the first instance an authorised version of the Bible was made available in English and appointed to be read each week to church congregations in words everyone could understand.

The Diocese of Blackburn is marking the anniversary with a special events listed in leaflets, “Living Stones”, available in churches throughout the diocese. In Ribchester, the King James Bible is being used during Lent instead of the Revised Common Lectionary which uses scripture from the New Revised Version of the Bible, and is based on current English usage. The King James Bible is already used at the 8 a.m. services every Sunday.

During Lent, the rector is holding a short service in St Wilfrid’s Church at 7-15 p.m. every Wednesday with a meditation on a text from the King James Bible. This will be followed by coffee in the rectory and informal discussion about the text. All welcome.

Road repairs - Every road-user in Ribchester will be aware of the damage the recent icy weather has caused to roads. Enormous pot-holes have appeared, but the county road repair teams have marked them, and patches of new tarmac are now appearing in their place.