Call to come and help celebrate your hometown's heritage

Latest news from Clitheroe
Latest news from Clitheroe
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Local organisations, businesses and other groups are being invited to help open up the Town’s heritage as part of a national event in early September.

Coun. Mark French, Mayor of Clitheroe, has made it an aim of his year in office to encourage people from all sections of the community to get involved with the town and its council. And he is urging Clitheroe folk to think of ideas how they can display Clitheroe’s past to the wider community.

Deputy Mayor, Coun. Maureen Fenton, explained how they hoped Heritage Open Days in September would support this.

“We want to give today’s Clitheroe people some glimpses of what life in Clitheroe was like for past residents – whether 40 years or more than a century ago. We know that there are venues and groups in the Town who are planning their own events.

What the Town Council hopes to do, in co-operation with other organisations and individuals, is to use the Town Centre to display aspects of Clitheroe’s past.

“Taking part could be anything from displaying photographs showing how a building was used in time gone by, to a guided tour of interesting parts of premises that are not usually seen by the public.”

Now in its 22nd year, Heritage Open Days nationally is the largest grassroots festival of its type, bringing people together to celebrate what makes their neighbourhoods special across England. Buildings of every age, style and function open their doors to the public free of charge and histories brought to life through activities like guided walks, talks and hands-on experiences for people of all ages.

Heritage Open Days 2016 runs for four days from Thursday, September 8th, to Sunday, September 11th. An event can be something that lasts for an hour or two within that period, up to something that is available for the full four days. Coun Fenton is inviting any business, group or individual interested in taking part in any way to contact her through Clitheroe Town Hall on 01200 424722 or by e-mail to before Monday, July 18th.