Call for action after HGVs are stranded repeatedly

Fed-up residents in Billington are calling for better signage or temporary closure of a notorious hairpin bend after lorries repeatedly get stuck.

Tuesday, 16th October 2018, 4:48 pm
Updated Tuesday, 16th October 2018, 4:53 pm
The lorry stuck on the hairpin bend in Billington. The incident happened on Friday

The latest incident happened on Painter Wood on Friday afternoon. It is believed the driver was following his satellite navigation system when his heavy goods vehicle became stuck on the tight bend.

At the time, a witness said: “A horrendous amount of damage has been caused and the lorry could have ended in real danger if it ended up on top of oncoming traffic.

“This is the second wagon in two days that has caused damage to the railings.”

Now, Ribble Valley Borough Councillor Ged Mirfin, who represents Billington, is calling for urgent action. He said: “It is lucky that the railings were so robust or we could have been facing the cataclysmic event of a HGV smashing through the railings and collapsing on top of on-coming traffic along Whalley New Road. Lancashire County Council now need to do something urgently or life and limb are going to be at risk.”

A local resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, said ‘I quizzed the driver of the lorry in question as to whether he had seen the signage and he answered that he was following his sat nav!’ The answer appears blindingly obvious - more frequent and bigger and more prominent signage which lorry drivers cannot ignore.”

County Coun. Alan Schofield has taken the concerns raised on board and will be speaking to county council chiefs about what action can be taken to prevent a further incident.”

Coun. Mirfin added: “In the meantime, the railings on Painter Wood are damaged beyond repair. They took a hell of a battering. They did their job, but for how much longer? The problem is that whilst we are waiting for repairs - which I suspect will involve a fundamental rebuild of the structure - the hairpin bend is no longer safe. Something needs to be done urgently before someone is either killed or seriously injured. Perhaps it would be sensible to close the bend in the interim.”