Wonderful Whalley at Christmas

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A GROUP of retailers in Whalley have thought up their own plan for bringing some Christmas cheer to shoppers struggling for ideas for what presents to buy this Christmas.

Shop owners have settled on this Saturday, December 15th, as the date when all their Christmas deals will all be on offer at the same time under the collective title of “Wonderful Whalley At Christmas”.

The idea was thought out at Theofano Interiors, where the staff noticed that different shops had offers on at different times.

Leanne Finch, from Theofanos, explained: “We noticed that some shops had offers on different days. A lot of shoppers in Whalley are from out of the area and therefore might miss a great deal between visits.

“If all the businesses in the area could choose to feature special offers on the same day, shoppers would benefit by making the most of a day out, and shops would be able to plan for the expected increase in visitors.”

Retailers in Whalley were approached and the take-up of the initiative was even better than expected. If the day is as good as it promises to be, it could well become an annual event.