Mellor man’s lightbulb business goes from strength to strength

Andy Cornwall
Andy Cornwall
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TWELVE months ago, 40-year-old Andy Cornwall from Mellor gave up his job in the wine trade to start selling light bulbs, and he hasn’t looked back.

After 13 years as a wine rep and owning his own wine shop, Andy felt he needed a new challenge and, despite the current economic climate, took the plunge and set up his own internet business,

After researching products and with green energy high on the agenda, Andy saw an opportunity to sell quality LEDs. Within months sales jumped from one or two orders a week to well over 100. The company now sells across Europe and Australia.

Andy said: “For a few months I was still selling wine and running the light bulb business, but it just proved so successful that one job had to go. I’ve always been my own boss, but working in a different industry is a real challenge, there’s always something new to learn and the feedback from customers has been amazing. Plus I get to save them money on their bills, which is a bonus. I’d definitely encourage anyone thinking of setting up an internet business to give it a go.”

Andy puts the success of his website,, down to providing the best quality products and excellent customer service.

“We live in a society with appalling customer service, therefore to stand out from the rest you need to be the best at what you do,” he said.

Andy is already expanding the business into new areas and has lots of plans for the future.