Lambs spring into Clitheroe school

Our photo shows children from Ash class looking at a lamb
Our photo shows children from Ash class looking at a lamb

A trio of one-week-old lambs visited St James’ Primary School in Clitheroe as part of a learning topic entitled All Creatures Great and Small.

Key Stage One pupils, who are investigating how animals change from being babies to being fully grown, were offered a helping hand from David and Sue Graveston, of Park House Farm, Gisburn. Their niece Charlotte told them about this topic and they offered to come into school to give a talk on the subject. They brought in two Hebridean and one Welsh badger faced lambs who could only pay a quick visit to school as they could only be away from their mothers for an hour.

All the infant children were looking forward to the lambs visiting school, but were surprised when two of the lambs that came were all black, they were expecting them to be white like the sheep they see in the fields. The children were able to get close up to the lambs and were able to stroke them if they wanted to.

Evie, a pupil in Ash class, said: “The lambs were cute and all our class were excited when they came to school.”

David and Sue also brought in a selection of antlers and horns from various breeds of cows, sheep and deer for the children to look at.