Hollywood comes to Ribchester!

from left, Colin Watson, Andrew Gerraty and Tony Fairhurst from Wallsauce, Ribchester
from left, Colin Watson, Andrew Gerraty and Tony Fairhurst from Wallsauce, Ribchester

An innovative new start-up company are hoping to go boldly where no-one has gone before after securing the rights to licence Star Trek and Batman images on it’s bespoke and made-to-measure wall murals.

Andrew Gerraty, Tony Fairhurst and Colin Watson are behind the internet-based company Wallsauce.com, based in Ribchester, who produce the customised murals, bespoke wallpapers and wall graphics in a variety of materials.

After setting up their company Omega Sky earlier this year, the trio set about pursuing film and TV companies for the rights to iconic images from Star Trek, Batman, Superman, The Hobbit and children’s favourites the Bin Weevils.

After securing deals with Warner Bros. and CBS, the company is also attracting interest from the BBC, Lucas Films and Sony pictures, with more in the pipeline.

With the current range including beach scenes and various stunning landscapes, the company is now looking to introduce film and book characters after their success at securing the rights.

Andrew commented: “We have had some sales but now we’re really trying to move this interesting product forward. Travelling to the USA and dealing with film companies has been an amazing experience and we are very excited about the future.”

Pooling their skills has added to the company’s initial success, with Andy taking care of the marketing, Tony looking after the technical aspects and Colin providing the commercial expertise.

Colin said: “We were quite naive in the way we initially approached the major companies we’re now dealing with – we just emailed and called them and they went for it. I think the fact that we’re doing something different has really pricked their interest.”

The wall coverings are suitable for a wide range of surfaces around the home and office from children’s bedrooms to kitchens and options include ready pasted wallpaper to removable and re-positionable shapes.

l For more information, visit: www.wallsauce.com

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(L-R) Colin Watson, Andrew Gerraty and Tony Fairhurst from Wallsauce, Ribchester.

A snooker room featuring a bespoke wall covering from wallsauce.com