Grindleton man’s new business based on power of sunshine!

John Fielding - Suncatcher Director
John Fielding - Suncatcher Director

Grindleton man John Fielding has made his home and business in the Ribble Valley, but recognises the irony given that his new venture is based around the power of the Sun!

Sun Catcher Green Energy Ltd is a family concern, with his brother being responsible for the installation of the revolutionary solar panel systems and John himself installing the electrical components.

John said: “It was whilst studying for my engineering degree that I developed an interest in alternative ways of generating energy without using fossil fuels. I researched a series of different technologies available and came across the PV (photovoltaics) technology that it is the basis of our new business.”

“When I first qualified to install PV systems three years ago, there was little incentive for householders to invest in the technology as the pay back was over 25 years.

“This all changed in April 2010, with the introduction of the feed-in tariff, part of the government’s clean energy generation scheme. PV systems are now a much more attractive proposition, with a return on investment of between 6% and 8% and a much shorter pay back period in the region of 10 years.

“I formed my company to help homeowners take advantage of the government scheme and, in turn, offset their energy bills.”

The solar PV system produces “green” electricity from daylight. Each panel houses a series of cells, which, when exposed to daylight, produce electricity.

“A common misconception is that the you need bright sunshine to produce solar energy, but normal daylight is sufficient and the energy produced is then stored until needed,” explained John.

“The excess energy is fed back to the National Grid and householders are paid for all of the energy the system produces, not just the part that is fed back. Payment is index linked, VAT free and guaranteed for 25 years.”

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