Fisheries looks set to be holiday park

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Ambitious plans to transform a fisheries into a leisure park will be discussed by councillors this evening.

An application to turn Pendle View Fisheries into Barrow into a holiday complex with accommodation, a pub and restaurant have been submitted to Ribble Valley Borough Council.

Around 100 car parking spaces would be created at the site along with the creation of an ecological wetland. The plan is being recommended for conditional approval but it has already caused controversy in the area.

Barrow Parish Council has pointed out that a leisure park in the area would have an impact on the local community and result in an increase in the use of amenities.

Parish councillors have also said they are disappointed that there was no consultation with them or local residents before the application was submitted.

They are also concerned that the application does not include any contributions to the benefit of the community in Barrow.

Concerns have also been expressed that the development is close to Wiswell and an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and in order to protect the views lighting should be strictly controlled and not obtrusive or illuminated.

Calls have also been made for the pub and restaurant to observe an 11pm curfew.

The fishery was built between 1843 and 1893 as a supplementary reservoir to what became the Whalley Abbey Print Works. It closed in 1930 and remained empty until it was used and was re-opened by the army during World War Two.

It closed in 1972 and was later re-developed as a fisheries which has become popular with anglers.