Daniel uses talents to mentor Ribble Valley businesses

Website designer Daniel Williams
Website designer Daniel Williams
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Website developer Daniel Williams, who has worked with a wide range of businesses from multi-national Sky TV to small takeaways, is now offering his business experience for free.

Daniel, who has run his own successful business Sawley Studios for nearly five years, said: “I was fortunate that my father ran his own business and that gave me the encouragement to think I could do, too. And a generation earlier, my grandmother ran her own fish and chip shop.

“I have never seen myself as a salesman, but I am fortunate that in my business I have not had to sell what I do as it speaks for itself and I get a lot of business by personal recommendation.”

Now he is a member of a team of volunteer enterprise mentors set up by Enterprising People In Ribble Valley who offer a listening ear to people who have a business idea and need help to make it a reality.

Daniel (34) said: “When I left school I went to work for the Lancashire Evening Post and worked in the advertising typesetting department and went on to work for them as a consultant.”

He then learned his craft in the family publishing house and was working for a Preston company when the 
internet was burgeoning, securing a Sky TV contract.

Daniel helped his family turn around the Spread Eagle Hotel, Sawley, when he became general manager, which introduced him to the Ribble Valley and led to him setting up his website design business in Sawley.

“I have a diverse range of experience. I have dealt with huge corporates to small family businesses,” he said.

“People come to me with an idea of what they want from their website, but they don’t always know what they need.

“I designed the website for Enterprising People In Ribble Valley when they set up in this area and, as a result of that, associate Rob Carder asked me to get involved with the mentoring scheme.

“I am not at the end of my business journey and over the past two to three years I have learnt an awful lot. If I can help anybody I am happy to share my knowledge.”

Daniel sang the praises of Clitheroe, which is home to many small independent shops opened by self-starters who have made the decision to pursue their business dreams.

He believes the mentoring scheme, which is to be the legacy of Enterprising People, will fill a gap in the market, so people who have a business idea can get the support needed to help make it a reality.

“I am very analytical and not necessarily a risk taker by nature. I evaluate everything before I do something and plan thoroughly. I am happy to help others with their plans too,” said Daniel.

“This is a great place to set up a mentoring scheme.”

l If you have an idea for a project or a business and you would like help to make it happen, or you would like to join the volunteer mentor team, contact EPRV by emailing hello@enterprisingpeople.org.uk