Dad-of-two wins latest Shop Clitheroe vouchers

Rebecca of Elan Boutique Castlegate, with Daisy and Marcus holding the vouchers.
Rebecca of Elan Boutique Castlegate, with Daisy and Marcus holding the vouchers.

Shop loyalty prizewinner Marcus Sharp has a message for the shoppers of Clitheroe: “Use it or lose it!”

Father-of-two Marcus, who is proud of the town where he was born and brought up, received his £50 worth of Shop Clitheroe vouchers at Elan, the men’s amnd women’s designer clothing store at Castlegate run by the Ford family.

He said: “We are very happy to spend our money in our local town. It’s a great idea from the Chamber of Trade to generate interest and publicity for Clitheroe.

“After all if we do not patronise the local businesses how are they to survive against the ever-growing competition from retail parks and the internet?

“We are lucky to have a vibrant town, but the only way to keep it is to use it. If we don’t, businesses will close, possibly causing a spiral of decline similar to the fate of many other North-west town centres.”

Sports fan Marcus, who works at the Physiotherapy Centre in Clitheroe, is married to Sally, and they have two daughters, Molly (7) and Daisy (5). He said: “I think I’ll use the vouchers to treat my wife and daughters.”

Rebecca Ford of Elan joined the scheme at the outset and agreed to be a Member Station to facilitate the distribution and collection of cards on behalf of Shop Clitheroe.

She said: “I really would recommend that everyone carries the card, firstly because it is free to customers and you might just be rewarded with £50 pounds to spend!

“We have issued hundreds of cards and with over 70 shops in the scheme interest continues to grow creating a snowball effect.”

Shop Clitheroe is promoted by the Clitheroe Advertiser and Times, and a list of participating businesses can be found at www.visit or any business displaying the Shop Clitheroe logo.