Clitheroe Market cat goes missing

REGULAR FEATURE: Could Po be the last of Clitheroe Market's cats? (s)
REGULAR FEATURE: Could Po be the last of Clitheroe Market's cats? (s)
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AN appeal has been launched for any information regarding the whereabouts of Clitheroe Market’s adopted cat Po.

The 15-year-old feline has always been a regular at the market and could often be seen sleeping in one of the cosy cat beds on display at the pet shop stall.

Po followed in the paw prints of her late sister La La, who was also a regular at Clitheroe Market and was noted for her ability to cross Station Road at the zebra crossing. Unfortunately for La La this was to be her downfall as she was run over making the crossing a couple of years ago.

Usually content to stay in the market, Po has recently been venturing out further afield. She has become a regular feature in the window display of Ken Varey’s Outdoor World shop on Newmarket Street. So much so that staff dutifully placed a cosy cat bed in the window and took a photo of Po which they gave pride of place behind the counter. Po also became a regular at several shops in King Street.

Po went missing on January 3rd and despite Po’s owner, Jackie Korol, who lives at Station Court, scouring the area with the help of friends, her whereabouts remain a mystery.

“I just hope this publicity jogs someone’s memory,” said Jackie.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Po should call Jackie on 01200 429915.