Clitheroe Fairtrade Town status is renewed

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Clitheroe Fairtrade Group is celebrating the first renewal of its Fairtrade Town status.

It is delighted to announce that Clitheroe has again met the criteria and achieved the first renewal certificate for its Fairtrade Town status from the Fairtrade Foundation.

According to the group, this is due to the support from the borough council and all that local shops, business, schools, places of worship and members of the community do to support Fairtrade. However, the group would like to see Clitheroe “go further for Fairtrade” before the next renewal application is submitted in 2015 and hopes that the community will embrace the challenge!

From Garstang in Lancashire declaring itself the “world’s first Fairtrade town”, there are now more than 500 Fairtrade Towns in the UK as well as many more areas campaigning towards that status. And there are now Fairtrade Town campaigns in 23 countries around the world, all inspired by the example in the UK.

With Yorkshire now having met the criteria to declare itself a Fairtrade region, Lancashire is keen to match it. The Clitheroe Fairtrade Group would like to hear from villages, schools and other establishments in the Ribble Valley who are working towards achieving the Fairtrade status. Future meetings will be held in Preston to bring together all the towns and boroughs in Lancashire.

Visit to learn more about Fairtrade and how to meet the criteria for the relevant status. To contact the Clitheroe Fairtrade Group, email or ring Katy Holden on 07789341720.