Clitheroe church runs free household money management course

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A LOCAL church will run free sessions to help people in Clitheroe get on top of their household finances.

Members of Clitheroe Community Church wanted to help their local community to best handle the economic climate so underwent specialised training from UK charity, Christians Against Poverty. Now they are offering the short course aimed to putting the joy back into money by teaching people how to chart their household income and take control of their expenditure.

Money coach Will Weston, who will be leading the “CAP Money” sessions, said: “With households feeling the squeeze on their disposable income, we’ve all got to get a bit more savvy about our money to get through these tough times. If you know how to save and budget effectively, it can have a hugely positive impact on the whole family.”

Clitheroe Community Church is one of more than a thousand churches of different Christian traditions across the UK who are regularly offering the course, as they work together to positively impact the communities around them. This is the sixth time the course has been run in Clitheroe.

CAP Money has been found to be useful for newly retired people, soon-to-be students, mums dealing with mounting bills, families saving for a wedding and everyone in between.

Will added: “We hope that we can help people, quietly and confidentially, take control rather than relying on guess work so they can plan for the future and weather the storm.”

The next course takes place at The King’s Centre, Millthorne Avenue, off Henthorn Road in Clitheroe, starting at 7-30 p.m. on Friday, November 9th. To find out more about CAP Money or to book your place visit, or phone 01200 444148.