24 workers made redundant at Clitheroe factory

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TweNTY-FOUR workers suddenly made redundant from a Clitheroe factory are being sought by Ribble Valley Citizens’ Advice Bureau.

Thornber Home and Leisure Limited, of Greenacre Street, Clitheroe, announced the redundancies last month.

Employment adviser Angela Cunliffe explained: “If 20 people at one workplace suddenly lose their jobs, they are each entitled to claim a ‘protective award’ of up to 90 days’ pay. This has to be done by making an application to an Employment Tribunal within three months. We can help, but the clock is ticking if former employees would like to join the group claim.”

The Citizens’ Advice Bureau can offer free assistance to the Thornbers ex-employees, but will need six pieces of personal information: name, address, date of birth, National Insurance number, phone number and, if possible, a contact email address.

The CAB intends to submit a group application by mid-September. Individuals bringing their own applications should be aware of the strict three month deadline, which in this case will be October 10th, 2012.

Ribble Valley CAB successfully claimed protective award money for more than 60 ex-employees of Stalwarts Carpets in 2009.

CAB manager Katy Marshall said: “The whole process took 12 months, but the payouts were very welcome to all those listed on the claim form. We hope we can achieve the same result this time.

“It is very sad to see the sudden loss of another local employer. We will do everything we can to support people being affected by this.

“Advice on entitlement to benefits, such as tax credits or jobseekers’ allowance may be needed. Some people faced with reduced income may be anxious about managing their finances, paying the mortgage or council tax and our debt department may be able to assist.”

The Thornber’s workers made redundant are invited to e-mail the bureau at manager@ribblevalleycab.cabnet.org.uk with the above personal information. The bureau will confirm that they have listed the details and keep all the applicants informed of the progress of the claim.

Alternatively, if email is difficult people can telephone the advice line 01200 428966 or the administration Line 01200 427336, or visit the Clitheroe office at 19-21 Wesleyan Row, Parson Lane, BB7 2JY. The office is open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays except Wednesdays.