Brownies earn badge talking about mental health

1st Grindleton Brownies
1st Grindleton Brownies
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A group of Grindleton Brownies have explored mental wellbeing and resilience as part of Girlguiding’s latest badge programme.

1st Grindleton Brownies took part in a peer educator session entitled Think Resilient, which is the latest in a series of inspiring programme options from the charity.

Developed by Girlguiding, with support from youth mental health experts YoungMinds, Think Resilient uses interactive activities to help girls find positive ways of dealing with pressures and challenges in their lives.

The sessions help girls and young women to understand what resilience means, introduce techniques for positive thinking, celebrate their strengths and achievements, and identify their support networks.

To earn the badge, the group learnt about self-calming techniques, how to identify their support network and techniques for breaking big problems down into small, solvable steps.

Seven-year-old Lexie Holmes said: “It helped me to think positively.”