Brave tot Blake defies all odds to celebrate his second birthday

Battling tot Blake Ramsingh who has just celebrated his second birthday
Battling tot Blake Ramsingh who has just celebrated his second birthday
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A miracle baby who was born with a complex heart condition has defied all odds to celebrate his second birthday.

Blake Ramsingh may look a picture of health but the brave toddler has spent half of his life in hospital and has cheated death several times. Described by his Clitheroe grandmother, Susan Ramsingh, as a "little miracle" Blake was born with a complex heart condition and at six months old his mum Jessica and then partner Sam, were told there was nothing more that could be done for him. However, two years on and the family, who live in Clitheroe, have just celebrated Blake's second birthday with a family party.

Proud mum Jessica, a full-time carer for Blake, said: “He’s overcome so many obstacles in two years, he’s now walking unaided, saying a few words and reaching milestones not even the professionals thought he would. He is my little bundle of joy.”

Concerns over Blake’s health started during pregnancy with Jessica’s 20-week scan pinpointing problems. Numerous tests conducted during 40-plus visits to Burnley Hospital’s ante-natal department, Liverpool Women’s Hospital and Alder Hey Children’s Hospital concluded that Blake’s heart condition was so complex it was very likely he would not survive the pregnancy. However, survivor Blake was born at Liverpool Women’s Hospital on July 7th, 2014. He spent the subsequent two weeks there and the following 10 months in Alder Hey. Much of his time was spent in intensive care on a ventilator.

The last 12 months have been equally challenging for Blake and his family. The youngster was airlifted to Alder Hey after he became unwell with breathing difficulties. He was discharged several weeks later after having a stent fitted. In October he was rushed to Royal Blackburn Hospital and admitted to the children’s HDU (High Dependency Unit) where his condition seriously deteriorated, he was taken to Alder Hey in the early hours of October 22nd.

Susan recalled: “We were told by the Intensive Care Consultant that Blake had fluid on his lung and because of his anatomy, it would be quite impossible/dangerous to try and drain the fluid from his lungs.

“We were told he will not survive and to prepare ourselves for the worse. When someone tells you this, you don’t want to believe them, but because he had cheated death so many times before, I did wonder if this could actually be true. I rang all the family who immediately travelled to Alder Hey so we could all be together. “Blake was so poorly they had to carry out the procedure in his ICU bed as we anxiously waited outside ICU and then the surgeon and anaesthetist (who had both operated on him before) came and told us he had survived the operation, but he wasn’t out of the woods yet. Blake, however, had different ideas. A couple of hours after the operation and with a drain in his side, he was sitting up in bed smiling.”

Blake came home in November last year and apart from a few minor issues, he has been well and very happy.

“We are always on high alert as he can change dramatically within hours, but for now we are enjoying his happy smiley face and his giggles. Every time we go shopping he seems to be a magnet for people to come over and say ‘hello’ to him. He is always so happy and smiling ...if only they knew.”

She added: “I would just like to thank all the consultants, doctors and nurses, Blake’s GP, health visitors, community nurses, staff at Derian House and everyone who has helped Blake and Jess. Thank you seems such a small word and an inadequate phrase, but it is meant very sincerely.” Susan went on to the thank the manager, office staff and all her colleagues at Crossroads Care Ribble Valley, where she works for always managing to cover her work at short notice when she have had to rush off in an emergency to Blake or go to appointments at Alder Hey Hospital.