Boys delighted with unexpected prom saviour!

Annabel opening the door
Annabel opening the door
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George Hartrick, and his friends, were really looking forward to attending their Bowland High School prom; to arrive in style and create a real impression with their fellow students.

That, however, was up until the moment they discovered how much it would cost to hire a limo for the night!

George, James and Henry ready to arrive in style

George, James and Henry ready to arrive in style

However, not all was gloom and doom and the idea was certainly not dead in the water.

Luckily for George, he has a mother who is both resourceful and able to think outside the box and within 24 hours she had come up with a very novel solution.

Asking herself “who else uses limousines, does not use them for taxi-ing and usually does not use them during the evening?” Her answer was funeral parlours!!! – not everybody’s obvious choice. She immediately telephoned her close friend, Annabel Davies, a funeral director with the Coop in Burnley, requesting her assistance; much to her surprise Annabel soon got approval from her management to chauffeur George to his prom.

In a further act of generosity the Co-op agreed not to charge George and his friends for this special service. The three young men, however, thought this was too generous an offer and agreed to make a donation to a charity of Annabel’s choice.

Asked about receiving the request Annabel commented “our industry obviously deals with events which are invariably very sad and traumatic for people. This was an ideal opportunity to show the community side of our business and to do something fun and exciting. I was more than happy to give up part of my evening just to see their happy, smiling faces. In addition, their donation of £30 was very much appreciated and I was able to pass it onto a charity, which is very close to my heart, Alder Hey Children’s Charity."

The choice of charity also proved perfect for George and his family, because it transpires his sister was cared for at Alder Hey when she was born.