Boxing Day attack lands Clitheroe man in court

Burnley Magistrates Court.
Burnley Magistrates Court.
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A lawless Clitheroe thug attacked the mother of his child on Boxing Day and tried to spray deodorant under her bedroom door after she barricaded herself in, a court heard.

Kyle Stuart Turner (21) had terrorised Yasmin Keel at her Haslingden home after flying into a rage when an open bottle of wine left on the floor was knocked over. He was then alleged to have thrown a bottle at her before following her upstairs and punching and kicking her. The defendant ended up booting the door off its hinges.

Burnley magistrates were told how Turner then fled when police were called, but was later arrested. He put up a violent struggle with officers and later claimed when questioned Miss Keel was a jealous person and he had been defending himself from her.

Turner was bailed after appearing in the dock last December 28th over the outburst and just three days later, in the early hours of New Year’s Eve, he assaulted a taxi driver by thumping him in the face and busting his lip. Allah Ditta, who had been helping unload luggage for Turner’s fellow passengers, was knocked backwards by the force of the blow.

The defendant, who has more than 30 offences on his record, including several for battery, had been in custody since last December 31st, but was freed on conditional bail to await sentence on January 27th and for the preparation of reports.

He admitted assaulting Miss Keel by beating her, possessing cannabis and damage to a door, last December 26th and assaulting Mr Ditta by beating last December 31st. He must live and sleep at Lime Street, Clitheroe. Turner has been placed on a 7 pm to 7 am electronically monitored curfew, must not contact victims and is banned from Haslingden.

Prosecutor Tracy Yates said Turner went to Miss Keel’s home by agreement last Christmas Eve, ended up staying Christmas Day and there was an argument on Boxing Day after the wine was tipped over. He became aggressive and began shouting and being abusive.

Miss Yates continued: “He allegedly threw a bottle at the aggrieved, but missed. She went upstairs with the child. She was scared. He followed and he assaulted her by punching her to the arms and neck and kicking her in the hip and upper body.”

The prosecutor said the defendant was bailed not to enter Haslingden, but at 2.15 am last New Year’s Eve, Mr Ditta picked up a man, two females and a young child to take them there. When they arrived, the women got out and started getting things out of the boot. The taxi driver helped the women get a pram and other equipment out and the man was arguing with them.

Miss Yates said: “Mr Ditta says without warning and without saying anything the male approached him and punched him hard to the face once. This knocked him backwards. He was shocked. He had not been involved in the argument at all, he had only assisted the passengers with their luggage. The male continued to argue with the females.”

Turner was interviewed. Miss Yates continued: “He said ‘ I have not done it’.” She added a previous Bench had said Turner had a “ total disregard for the law”. He was subject to a community order and conditional discharges and had 31 offences on his record, including being drunk and disorderly.

Ben Leech, for Turner, said: “He doesn’t accept throwing a glass or bottle but does accept there was a smashed glass bottle involved.” The solicitor added the defendant had put himself in a precarious position.