Big yellow cup is a record-breaker!

The Printed Cup Company's big gold cup record attempt. Photo by Ribble Film. (s)
The Printed Cup Company's big gold cup record attempt. Photo by Ribble Film. (s)
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While the Tour of Britain riders were aiming to break records, another world record was being attempted just yards from the Clitheroe start line.

The Printed Cup Company made what they hope was the world’s biggest paper cup and craned it on to the top of the factory roof at Mearley Brook Commercial Centre just before the race started.

The giant cup was a perfect up-scaled version of a normal cup, measuring 4.5 metres tall by three metres wide and made of bright yellow paper, the traditional colour worn by the Tour’s winning cyclist. There’s even a cappuccino finish at the top of the cup with a deluxe swirl.

The Clitheroe firm made the cup in association with Cumbrian paper mill company James Cropper, the only company in the world to recycle paper cups. Cropper’s supplied more than 100 metres of specially dyed yellow card – enough for thousands of normal coffee cups.

Normally the Printed Cup Company can manufacture a thousand bespoke paper cups within 24 hours of receiving an order, and supplies hundreds of companies across Europe.

The giant cup, however, took more than a week to manufacture and needed more than 100 hours of intensive labour. It was so big that half of the factory floor had to be cleared for it.

Never having tackled such a huge job before, the team had to make it up as they went along

In an attempt to get the giant cup into Guinness World Records, company bosses hoped to get the Guinness adjudicators there in good time to give them the official title of The World’s Largest Paper case it rained and the cup turned into a soggy mess!

In accordance with the two partner companies’ ethos, the giant cup was due to be recycled once the challenge had been recorded.

● How many 16oz cups of coffee would it take to fill the giant cup? Mathematicians from Lancaster University have done the sums and for the clever person who gets it right – or nearest – there’s a road bike to be won, courtesy of the Green Jersey cycle shop of Clitheroe.

To enter go to the Printed Cup company website at: