Beavers celebrate 25th birthday

Langho Beavers celebrate 25th anniversary
Langho Beavers celebrate 25th anniversary

A CELEBRATORY atmosphere was created as Beavers from St Leonard’s, Langho, marked their 25th birthday in style.

The beavers took part in lots of exciting activities such as making windmills, creating a collage and making a 25-body sculpture.

There was then an enrolment of a new young leader Liselle Hollins and six new beavers. This was followed by a presentation of animal friend badges, safety badges and a special 25th anniversary commemorative badge before everyone tucked into their party supper.

The boys all aged between 6 to 7 years old then sang happy birthday and shared a huge birthday cake.

The evening ended on high with 25 balloons being released. Each beaver wrote his name and the colony address on a label and attached it to the balloon before it was released. There will be a prize for the balloon that travels the furthest.

Beaver Leader Lynne Harrison said: “It has been a fantastic night. The beavers have really enjoyed their evening and a massive thanks to everyone who helped – roll on another 25 years!”