Bank Holidays: What's the point?!

Not for me though, I'll be in the office
Not for me though, I'll be in the office
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We have approached that time of year again when I really do begin to wonder what the point is with bank holidays.

For most people, they mean a day off work.

But how many of them really want it?

I know that for the majority it doesn’t mean that the work has gone away, it just means that when they get back into work on Tuesday morning, the have only four days in which to do five days’ work.

For others, like me, it means that while everyone one else is larging it up on Sunday afternoon and evening, I will not be joining in as it is my turn in the office - again - on Monday morning.

For anyone who works in the retail or leisure sectors it is pretty much just another working day and now that banks are open six days a week, with some of them looking at seven, it can only be a matter of time before they want to open on these public holidays as well.

I can understand some bank holidays, even though for the first decade of my career the only one we knew for certain would be a day off was Christmas Day.

We worked Boxing Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday and the rest - including New Year’s Day.

Then somebody somewhere decided that we should be paid to work on these days .

That soon put a stop to the full staff being in on any given bank holiday and on occasion it can just be me in the office these days.

But back to the original point and what do Bank Holidays actually achieve?

Many people like a long weekend or, the way I’d rather look at it, a shorter working week.

But I’d like to take my time off when I want it rather than when everyone else is also having an extra day’s leave.

I look at it this way - I would rather swap five of the current bank holidays for an extra week of actual holidays and have no work on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day than continue with the current situation.