Back to work ensuring the Government delivers for Pendle

House of Commons
House of Commons

With the elections now out of the way, I would like to start by thanking everyone who voted for me on May 7th.

To have been re-elected to serve our area for another five years with an increased majority is deeply humbling.

I hope to continue my work championing our area in Parliament and representing everyone who lives here regardless of how they voted.

As a Conservative, I am needless to say delighted by the national result and very pleased to return to Westminster this week and see many new faces on our benches.

However, there was also some sadness to see the loss of MPs like Gordon Birtwistle, the former Lib Dem MP for Burnley who lost his seat to Labour.

Gordon and I worked hard together over the last five years to secure the new £9m. Urgent Care Centre at Burnley General, the new University Technical College in Burnley and a further £16m. investment at Burnley General.

I hope his Labour successor will also be willing to work on a cross-party basis to ensure our area gets the investment it needs.

Ahead of the State Opening of Parliament by the Queen on Wednesday, MPs were busy preparing for the new session ahead and getting the traditional formalities out of the way.

Before a newly elected or re-elected MP can take part in a debate, vote or even sit down on the iconic green benches, they have to “swear in” with an oath of allegiance to the Crown.

I took my oath a week last Tuesday and since then have been busy catching up with correspondence and e-mails in Westminster.

I am keen to ensure the new Government delivers for Pendle and have already been lobbying Ministers on a range of issues.