Back into routine now the holidays are over

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Well last week was all about slowly getting back into our normal routine. Stephen went back to school on Monday and Tom went back to school on Wednesday.

I’ve really enjoyed the two-week holiday, but it’s now time to get back into our old routine and, to be honest, it’ll be good for all of us.

Jo Worgan

Jo Worgan

I like the routine of school, the same-ness that it brings to Tom and how it helps him with his anxieties. Tom thrives on routine, and although this week will be tricky for him after a two-week break, especially with Andrew having been home, I know he’ll soon settle and the holidays will soon feel like a fond and distant memory.

However, on Tom’s last day off school we had a good morning out in town, doing all our usual stuff.

Once home I managed to take all the decorations down, with Tom sat watching me, and surprisingly he was fine about it.

I wanted him to see all of the decorations go, rather than him waking up in the morning to a completely different looking living room, with no Christmas tree.

He even waved goodbye to the Christmas tree, as I hauled it outside, and said stoically, “See you next Christmas, bye bye”.

The highlight though for Tom, I think, was getting Henry the Hoover out and him talking to him while I vacuumed up all the pine needles. There were a lot of them!

I feel a bit more relaxed now though that the decorations are down, and I feel we can all get back to normal after a fun two weeks.

As ever though, the house feels very quiet without the boys. But this does mean that once again I can listen to my music, so it’s not all bad!

Let’s see what this term brings.

Hopefully Tom will be OK and not too distressed about being back. I have all my fingers and toes crossed.