ASBO women are slammed by men’s families

Lesley Bennett and below, Tracey Halliday and Emma Reeves
Lesley Bennett and below, Tracey Halliday and Emma Reeves
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Three women who preyed on vulnerable old men –sometimes offering sex for cash – have been described as the “scum of the earth”.

The women – Tracy Halliday, 40, of Chester Place, Adlington; Lesley Bennett, 36, of Ashby Street, Chorley; and Emma Reeves, 36, of Princess Street, Chorley – targeted up to 40 victims, exploiting elderly men for their own financial gain.

Tracy Halliday

Tracy Halliday

Anti-social behaviour orders (ASBOs) were slapped on all three at Chorley Magistrates’ Court.

Peter Moore, 46, of Bispham, whose father was one of their victims, said; “The ASBO is fair enough as long as they uphold them. They are quite despicable people, to be honest - I think they’re the scum of the earth.

“My father’s in sheltered accommodation, which is supposed to give him a bit of protection really.”

David Dickinson’s father, who is disabled and suffers from Alzheimer’s, was another victim.

Emma Reeves

Emma Reeves

Mr Dickinson, 55, of Chorley, said: “I’m not sure an ASBO is enough. They really want to be taken off the streets. They really are just horrible people, preying on old people like that.”

His father lives in Eldon House sheltered housing, Chorley.

“It shook him up, and a lot of people in Eldon House as well,” said Mr Dickinson. “It’s disgraceful when you see the impact it’s had on people.”

Police gathered a catalogue of evidence to show the women had been responsible for stealing from and offering services, including taking inappropriate sums of money for domestic chores, such as shopping. They also offered sexual services for money.

The ASBOs will remain until December 11, 2015.

Chorley Insp David Robinson said: “A considerable amount of work went into this investigation by our neighbourhood policing team and I am extremely pleased these orders have been granted.”