Artist’s passion for steam leads to a brief encounter

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Steam locomotives and railways will take centre stage when Clitheroe artist George Reynolds displays his work at Whalley Library from Monday, June 3rd.

Mr Reynolds, of Bonnygrass Terrace, Woone Lane, has undergone two eye operations in 15 months, but has still managed to produce a variety of new work.

He said: “The eye operations have slowed my progress somewhat, but I’ve carried on regardless. I just love painting and I can’t stop doing what I love.”

One of his paintings “Brief Encounter”, a montage depicting the story of the 1945 movie, is on show at Whalley before moving in July to the museum at Carnforth station, the location for the filming.

“I’m really pleased about my ‘Brief Encounter’ painting being accepted for Carnforth,” he said.

“It’s one of the greatest British films, and when you see how it was filmed it’s very dark and almost Gothic.

“I’ve tried to sum up the atmosphere of the film and tell the story in the painting.”

Another painting, of an LMS Patriot class locomotive, will later go to help the Midlands-based Patriot Group raise money towards its £1.5 million project to build an all-new Patriot locomotive, to be called the Unknown Warrior, from original blueprints.

The Patriot 4-6-0 express locomotives were built during the 1930s and many were given a military name to honour the war dead.

They were withdrawn in 1965 and, unlike some classic steam locomotive classes, none were preserved.

Mr Reynolds, who writes rock music reviews for the Clitheroe Advertiser and Times as “Big George” has previously donated paintings which have raised hundreds of pounds for the Patriot Group.

Most of the other paintings on show at Whalley will be on sale. For details and information about commissions, call 07824 644412.