Are you paying too much Council Tax?

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DID you know that you might be eligible for a discount on your council tax?

If someone who lives with you is a carer, has a disability or is on a low income, you might be paying too much.

“Money off your council tax” is a new factsheet produced by Lancashire County Council’s welfare rights service which explains all the different situations in which people could see their council tax reduced.

Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t just a matter of people’s income or savings. There are various reduction and discount schemes which completely ignore people’s finances.

County Councillor, Mike Calvert, cabinet member for adult and community services, said: “Most people know that council tax is based on two people living in a property, and that if you live alone you can get a 25% discount on your bill. However, what is not well known is that some people, such as some carers, people with a severe mental impairment – dementia, for example – students and others can all be ignored for council tax purposes.

“This means that some people can be treated as living alone even when someone else is living with them.

“So, if you think you may be paying too much, I’d urge you to get a copy of ‘Money off your council tax’ or ask our welfare rights team to check it out for you.”

For a copy of the factsheet, phone 0845 053 0013 or e-mail:

Alternatively, write to: Lancashire County Council, Welfare Rights Service, FREEPOST, Preston, PR1 8BR (no stamp needed) or visit: