Appeal to trace owners of cat rescued in Sawley

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Are you missing this handsome male moggy?

The none-too-shabby tabby has turned up in Sawley, where he is temporarily being cared for by some kindly ladies who would like to see him safely home again.

Mandy Adamson explained: "A friend noticed a cat crying in her garden last Wednesday night but thought he would find his way home, but as of today he's still around. She's feeding him and giving him somewhere to sleep, but cannot do so indefinitely.

"He is very handsome and really friendly. We're worried someone will be looking for him.

"My friend took him to the vet to see if he is chipped – he isn't, but the vet told her that the cat is male, has not been neutered and is about eight months old. The vet thinks he roamed a bit too far from home looking for a girlfriend and is now lost!"

Anyone who thinks this is their cat can contact Mandy on 01200 440977 or her friend, Elaine, on 07554808762.